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Part 1: Why it is a bad idea to leave property to multiple people in your will

So it’s time to do some estate planning. Maybe you have a paid for home. Or some acreage in Denton county. Or a cute cottage on Cedar Creek lake. “Wouldn’t it be neat”, you think to yourself, “to leave it to my kids so they can all enjoy it together.” Stop right there. That kind […]

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Five Common Misconceptions About a Will

A will is an estate document that describes your desires about how your property is dispersed after you die. If you do not have a will or estate plan upon your death then the Texas rules of Intestate Succession take over and mandate how your property is divided. 5. Myth: A spouse is responsible for […]

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5th District Court of Appeals in Dallas to hear John Tiegen case

Right and wrong is often lost in the practice of law. The law doesn’t help people as often as it should, but in this case, the law should protect heroes who defend our country. That’s why John “Tig” Tiegen, one of the heroes who defended the U.S. Embassy during the Benghazi terrorist attack and I […]

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Partner Bryce King Appears on Fox 4 News discussing issues with Dak Prescott’s pitbull

NFL star Dak Prescott had a run-in with his neighbors and police when his pitbull escaped from its back yard and bit a neighbor. Phillips & King Partner Bryce King was asked by a correspondent for Fox 4 News to discuss the case as well as any actions that may be taken against Prescott or […]

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Bryce King Media Appearance: December 12th, 2018.

Partner Bryce King was invited to appear on the KFOX4 Evening News to give his opinion on the Jacob Anderson case. Mr. Anderson was formerly a student at the University of Texas – Dallas and was banned from the campus after information surfaced regarding a previous criminal allegation. Mr. King’s appearance can be viewed at […]

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Benghazi Hero John ‘Tig’ Tiegen Files Lawsuit in Fight Against Malicious Social Media Attacks

      For Immediate Release   NVRDUL Management Announces Benghazi Hero John ‘Tig’ Tiegen Files Lawsuit in Fight Against Malicious Social Media Attacks About Benghazi Terrorist Event   Fort Worth, Texas – October 15, 2018 – NVRDUL Management LLC, a provider of professional management services to select actors, athletes, authors, musicians and celebrities throughout the United […]

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