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Phillips & King employs the latest technology to secure sensitive client information and provide ways for our clients to stay up-to-date on their matter. Here you will find tools to assist with those goals.

Client Portal: Here you will find files related to your case. Please note that not all clients have been setup to use the Client Portal. Generally we create a client portal login when there are documents or other items that we need someone to review. Also if a client requests their entire file, we may deliver it digitally through the Client Portal.


Intake Forms: As stated before, Phillis & King is a technologically advanced firm. Part of that entails transitioning from traditional paper files to a paperless office. As part of that inititive we have moved all our intake forms to digital and posted them here. Potential clients are encouraged to download the applicable questionnaire(s) and fill them out before our first meeting. These forms give us the essential information we need to evaluate your case. Using these forms we are able to get the information we need up front and thus spend more time answering your questions.


File Drop: Need to send us some files with sensitive information?  Use our encrypted file drop to safely and securely get it to us.